Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting uses deactivated 12-bore shotguns converted to fire invisible laser beams. Players shoot at the clay pigeons, and hits are registered on an electronic scoreboard. Clays are launched in the same way as the traditional version, but up to 5 people can shoot at the same targets. At the end of the competition, the players with the most hits wins the gold medal.

For even more of a twist, we can also run shoots after sunset using luminous laser clays that create a bright green beam across the sky. Flash attachments are fitted to the guns and each time a clay is hit, both the clay and the gun flash.

From £8pp. Suitable for anyone that can hold a shotgun! Minimum of two people required.

There was enough animals to keep the kids entertained and a lot of other activities. Kids loved the ride on tractors, go-karts, bouncy castle and barrel ride.TripAdvisor

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